How to redesign HR products and services with Agile HR

Redesigning HR products and services to support business agility is the latest hot topic but most HR teams are unsure where and how to start. In her recent book, Agile HR: Delivering Value in a Changing World of Work, Natal shares a collection of design principles that HR teams, and indeed whole organizations, can use to develop human-centric people practices that enable business agility. The key is designing fantastic products and services based on what your people need, instead of copying and pasting what has been done before. So instead of blueprinting the whole solution upfront, we’ll explore how to use an Agile approach to develop a solution that not only fits your context and brand but is loved by your people and business.

Workshop in English language

Natal Dank

Natal heads up learning, coaching, and community at PXO Culture and is seen as a pioneer in the Agile HR movement. Following over a decade working in senior Human Resources (HR), Talent and Organisational Development roles, Natal coaches clients across all industries, from innovative tech companies, to not-for-profit, to global banks, in how to embrace an Agile mindset and reinvent their people practices.
In 2016 Natal hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London with the aim of building a community of like-minded disrupters, which has since grown into a regular event held across the world from Sydney to Paris and online. A year later she co-founded the Agile HR Community and has recently published the book, Agile HR. Now, through PXO Culture, Natal is focused on defining modern HR for the 21st Century and helping organisations build great People Experience and Operations.

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